Three aspects to living a healthy life this fall from the perspective of Oriental Medicine

It’s just after fall equinox, and the fall season started with some drastic changes in the weather.  Even we need heating system to be turned on and more blankets. It’s time for us to prepare for these seasonal changes internally as well as we prepare to live healthy and harmoniously.

Treasure Moon healing would like to point out three aspects to living a healthy life from the perspective of Oriental Medicine to respond to the seasonal changes.

  • Consume less cooling food. All those who love raw salad please consider having more cooked vegetables and warms soups, adding more garlic and ginger family to your diet, and seasonal produce – they are not only immune enhancing but also warm up your internal system to get ready for colder weather and to fight off flu and common colds.


  • Nourish your lungs and Protect your Immune systemIn Oriental medicine, fall is the season of the Lungs, which are the organ governing the pores on our skin and nose and spreading Qi (energy) throughout our body.  The lungs also form the first barrier for our protective immune system. The first sign of weakness would be the common cold and seasonal flu. The lungs are also susceptible to dryness and cold wind, therefore to keep the body warmer and not to dry the lung is a very important aspect to prevent from seasonal illness.  Behind the neck there is an acupuncture point called “wind gate”, and when the area of this point is exposed by cold wind, you can easily catch a cold – wearing a scarf is recommended! I also recommend cleaning your nasal path with Neti pots – or just inhale warm clean water through nose and blow out a couple of times.


  • The Lungs are also related emotionally to grief; we tend to experience melancholy when the sun goes down earlier.  If you have constitutionally weaker lung energy you might be susceptible to experiencing certain depression or grief, kind of a “blue mood”. With healthy diet, and such warming nurturing yin energy we would have less suffering from fall’s melancholy

We hope you stay healthy this season and look forward to seeing you soon!

If you’d like a healthier body to prepare for a more stable and healthy fall and winter, it is also a good time to seek acupuncture and herbal medicine.  Treasure Moon Healing offers a free visit when you make a referral to your friends and family, and your referred person can get 50% off for the first visit. Call us for more information!

Wishing you health and happiness for this new season!

   Myungjin Chung